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    Learn unconventional painting techniques that will give you the tools and confidence to create expressive artwork.
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Online Acrylic And Mixed Media Art Workshops For Expressive Artists.

Robert Joyner is your gateway to a unique collection of online acrylic and mixed media art workshops that will completely change your approach to creating expressive and abstract style paintings. Learn unconventional painting techniques that will have you painting with confidence and freedom that you thought never existed.

Our philosophy is to introduce you to techniques that will encourage you to explore your subjects and medium. These are not paint-by-numbers workshops. Instead you will learn ways to interpret your subjects with endless freedom. To paint free of rules and traditional thinking.

Who Should Take The Workshops

The workshops are designed for artists that have a desire to paint loose, expressive and abstract style paintings. If you are ready to toss out stiff and traditional art then you have come to the right place.

How They Benefit You

Creating unique art that captures your personality, emotion and passion gives you freedom. The workshops and lessons are designed to teach you how to explore your subjects and mediums so you can create without boundaries. You will have a completely fresh approach to you painting that will bring the excitement back to the easel.

A Big Bonus

You also have the opportunity to engage with the Instructor, Robert Joyner, as he answers questions and creates custom feedback videos for each workshop. The critiques add a personal touch and point out what you are doing well and areas that need improvement.

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